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Western Cape Workshop Schedule 2016

Western Cape Workshop Schedule 2016

Healing of memories workshops

Our workshops provide a safe space where individuals can tell their stories in an atmosphere of confidentiality and respect. When our stories are shared, acknowledged, and reverenced, participants can take one step towards healing and wholeness.

The institute offers weekend, second phase and a Re-union workshops as a packages on the One Step towards Healing.

Weekend Workshop

It is two and half residential workshop. Often held from Friday night until 1 pm on Sunday. The power of the workshop lies in their experiential nature. There are no observers; everyone participates fully, including facilitators. The emphasis is on people’s emotional and personal rather than intellectual and rational, responses. Drama and art are used to aid self-awareness and encourage openness. Through sharing their unique and interconnected stories, participants are enabled to move towards individual healing and collective understanding. These processes prepare the ground for a wider and continuing practice of self-knowledge and mutual concern and care as participants return to their home and communities

Second phase Workshop 

This is a follow up workshop. Only participants who attend the weekend workshop can be part of the workshop. It is a one day workshop. It is an experiential workshop focused on the following: dealing with Anger, Overcoming Hatred and Struggling with Forgiveness.

Re-union Workshop

This workshop is also a follow up workshop. Participants who have being on the weekend and the second phase workshop are encouraged to attend and invite someone who never being on the weekend and second phase workshop. It is a three hours workshop where participants share their healing journey experience. 

Target groups

HIV/AIDS groups

Participants who are Suffers of HIV/AIDS and those who are affected thus not only have to deal with the physical challenges of the disease and the consequential impact of their income and living conditions, also the psychological and emotional consequences that may have more abiding consequences on their capacity to rebuild their lives


Many people who live in exile carry painful memories and experiences from their earlier life, the emotional burden of which are exacerbated by experiences of rejection, prejudice and loss of identity in their new country.

Women and care-givers

This workshop is for mothers, grandmothers, aunts, daughters and other care-givers. While much is expected of them, they usually receive little support and often themselves victims of discrimination or abuse.


This workshop is for inmates. Prisoners rarely have access to types of restoratives justice Programmes that enable them to take responsibility for their behavior and acknowledge the pain and suffering they have caused.

Faith groups

All the faith can be part of this particular workshop for healing and Reconciliation between divided communities.


This workshop is for people who are in the military based or ex-combatants.


This workshop involved young people and adults. It allows participants to learn from experience and the richness of each generation.

Healing of memories workshop for Youth

This is for young people, in order for them to become tomorrow’s conciliators and agents of positive change. 

Workshop of the year 2016 (all workshops are open to public expect prison, ex-combatants and Military workshop)

Workshop Date Target Venue
19th-21st February Interfaith/ indigenous  Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch
27th February  Second Phase Workshop Schoenstatt Retreat Centre/Little Stream
4th -6th March HIV/AIDS Venue to be confirmed
8th-10 March Prison   Goodwood correctional services
16th April Re-union Delft
22nd 24th April Intergeneration  Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch
6th-8th May Refugees and local/women or caregivers Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch
20th-22nd May Interfaith  Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch
4 June Second Phase workshop Schoenstatt Retreat Centre, Constantia
17th-19th June HIV/AIDS Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch
28th-29th June Healing of memories workshop for Youth  Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch
25th June Re-union Atlantis
22nd-24th July  Healing memories workshop for Youth  Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch
27th August Second phase  workshop Schoenstatt Retreat Centre, Constantia
6th-8th September Prison  Goodwood correctional services
23rd-25th September HIV/AIDS Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch
14th-16th October Interfaith/ indigenous Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch
29th October Second phase workshop Schoenstatt Retreat Centre, Constantia
11th-13th November  Intergeneration  Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch
25 th-27th  November Refugees and local/women or caregivers  Christian Brothers Centre, Stellenbosch


Cost of the workshop: R3800

Bursaries are available

Venue: subject to change

For information contact please contact:

Loret Loumouamou

Tel: 27 21 683 6231/35

Email: [email protected]

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The Institute for the Healing of Memories seeks to contribute to the healing journey of individuals, communities and nations. Our work is grounded in the belief that we are all in need of healing, because of what we have done, what we have failed to do, and what has been done to us.

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