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2016 Annual Reports

08 May 2017
2016 Annual Reports

"War must stop. We must educate ourselves about the different components that are feeding a war culture, for example the arms industry.

We note that the countries who most speak about peace are often the same countries who benefit from the arms industry. We also note the role media plays in both escalating and de-escalating war.

Above all identities, we hold sacred our human identity: the right to life and to live a life of dignity.

We are alarmed at the growing tendency to justify torture and the continued marginalisation of people of colour, indigenous people, sexual minorities and the economically deprived.

It is our assertion that the overarching antidote to the root causes of pain is all forms of solidarity with the human family and mother earth. These goals can only be achieved when people work collaboratively in their own contexts and globally."

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The Institute for the Healing of Memories seeks to contribute to the healing journey of individuals, communities and nations. Our work is grounded in the belief that we are all in need of healing, because of what we have done, what we have failed to do, and what has been done to us.

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