“What made an impact on me is that I was not the only person who had suffered. That helped me to see myself not as a victim but as a survivor.”- Workshop participant By exploring and acknowledging the emotional and spiritual wounds carried by nations, communities and individuals, the Healing of Memories workshop seeks to decisively break the destructive cycle of suffering, anger and violence that can disfigure societies.
“I realised that we cannot change the past but we can all work together to make South Africa a better place.”- Workshop participant Our Youth Development Programme seeks to help young South Africans to learn about and from their country’s past. The programme starts from the belief that in order for our young people to be able to respond sensitively to the present impact of past suffering, they must be knowledgeable about South Africa’s history of segregation and oppression.
Schools Programme Restoring Humanity facilitators, Clint Bowers and Babalwa Alwen conducted three workshops at Excelsior High School in Belhar. The focus of these workshops were exploring individual and collective identity. The grade 10 class of 42 learners were very engaged in the activities. The educator Ms Smith thanked the Institute and facilitators for the engagement commenting that they were able to explore the issue of identity in much more depth and appreciated the workshop worksheets.